Starting up a test project in Belgium

We are constantly working with people from around the world to see where new test projects can be set up. One of the places that got our interest was Belgium, but there is still a lot of work to do! Do you think you can help or assist us in any way? Pease let us know and become part of the constantly growing EVAP-family!

Crowdfunding campaign Belgium

Mid-September, we will launch a big crowdfunding campaign that should provide us with the necessary resources to continue our mission. Not only will it be a chance for people to show their support, it will also be a chance for EVAP to present itself to the world and convince people to participate! More updates will follow soon!

Our Belgian crowdfunding campaign is sponsored by:

More coming up...

You can help! Follow our Belgian campaign on our Belgian facebookpage. Join our movement, help funding our project and help make it possible to save more lives.