The power of being at the right place at the right time!

Medical emergencies happen at every moment in time, at every possible place. But it takes time for professional emergency services to arrive on scene (even in the best developed emergency response systems in the world). Time we all know can be very important…

But think about it: Nowadays, we are almost all connected to each other by technology resting in our pockets, and on the other hand people with various levels of medical skills are everywhere. Why not combine those two?

Have you ever been in a gathering where suddenly a voice sounded asking Is there a doctor in the room?, because someone needed help? What if that person would have been alone, having a heart attack on the street or had fallen at home?

Imagine the ability to send out a call virtually, adapted to the specific situation and integrated in the professional medical response.

We even like to go one step further: we aim to have an entire community work together, side-by-side, regardless of ethnicity, religion or social background. Having a program in place that can assist our professional healthcare workers using geo-locating. It's strength: the power of the crowd.

Our goal is to implement a free application on smartphones that enables doctors, nurses, paramedics, medical students and trained volunteers to offer assistance to medical emergencies in their neighborhood before professionals get there. Reducing the time until first aid is offered will save lives! For example: research has shown that every minute that is won before starting resuscitation after a heart attack, survival rates increase with 7-10%.

The technology is there! The only thing that is still missing: the courage to put it in motion.

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